Easy Tips For Yorkie Training

This article gives you a few basic tips for Yorkie training. Yorkies are one of the most intelligent breed of dogs that are bred today. Yorkie is a short name for the Yorkshire terrier. This dog is extremely popular because of its cute looks and its ease to train. They learn things very fast and are very loyal. However, Yorkies forget as fast as they learn. You have to reinforce many lessons to make sure the dog learns and never forgets.

The first and the most important thing is to find some kind of food that your Yorkie absolutely loves. You can use steak as Yorkies generally tend to love it. Yorkies love beef as well and Beef Jerky can also be used. You can also give the normal food that you eat as a treat. Make sure the dog understands that every time he remembers a trick and does it right, he will get a treat.

As mentioned, with the Yorkie, you will have to teach the tricks again and again. Yorkie training should be undertaken everyday until your pup remembers the trick perfectly. You can teach him to stand to near the door and bark in case he needs to go out. However, many people will agree it is not easy to train your dog to the level where he barks at the door when he needs to go the potty. Yorkies are very stubborn and behavior needs to be reinforced in them.

Crate Training Your Yorkie

One method of training is known as crate training. Crate training is commonly used when your Yorkshire terrier is a pup.

Put the pup in the crate at night to sleep.

Make sure he is comfortable at all times with some soft bedding.

Make sure the temperature is not too cold.

You can also put in a chew toy for him to play with.

Now he is nice and comfortable.

Once you wake up in the morning, you can pick up the puppy and go outside. If he goes potty, you can play with him for ten to twenty minutes.

If he does not go to the potty, you can put him back in the crate again. After some time take him back outside and play with him some more.

After a few days, your pup will realize potty is to be done outside and will begin to go outside naturally. Make sure to feed him once he goes to the potty and comes back.

Hitting the dog will never help. Be gentle with your Yorkie.

Pottie Training Tips For Your Yorkie

With any method of yorkie training, there are bound to be small accidents where the dog goes potty in the house. In such a case, take the dog to the waste and show it to the dog. Use harsh tones of voice just like you do with humans. Do not hit or hurt your pup. It will pick up the tones of your voice and avoid it in the future. The same holds true outside as well. If the pup goes potty outside congratulate and cuddle him. Give him a treat immediately and talk smoothly to him. This will help him realize that doing potty outside gets him rewards and keeps his master happy.

Important Yorkie Training Tips To Remember

Another important tip in yorkie training would be to train the dog alone. Too many people would only serve in distracting the pup. He is filled with life and enthusiasm and will want to play all the time. More people will only make him want to go to different people. The pup should be able to focus on you and learn from your voice. He should be able to make out whether you are angry or happy.

The pup should also be able to recognize the different commands. Use the same commands every time.



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